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Character Name: Saya
Character Series: Saya no Uta
Character Age: It's never specifically stated in canon what her real age is. Looks to be 13~14 in her human form (probably). By real life standards, the girl looks like she has yet to hit puberty, but I'm a bit squeamish about the idea of a 10-year-old repeatedly engaging in intercourse with a college-aged man it's not as if Japanese artists are known for drawing anatomically accurate characters.
Background: For a no-nonsense synopsis of the Saya no Uta storyline, check here.

In my first app. to Mayfield, Saya was taken from just  before Fuminori and Kouji's final battle, meaning either the second or third ending can occur.

Uh.... where to begin?

Okay. So Saya is not human.

It seems to be a common trait among non-human lifeforms to view humans as weak, non-threatening, and a form of 'entertainment'. Unsurprisingly, Saya possesses the same mind frame. To her, humans - or on a broader scale - all life on earth are funny, funny individuals. Disposable without a doubt. Research subject fodder for her experiments. Entertainment. Pets. Toys. Food. And the key to her reproduction. She's what we would define as 'sadistic'.

She. Eats. Humans. While she's capable of surviving off rats and other small animals, she loves human flesh. So, for Saya:

Humans -> Meal.
Humans -> Fun.
Humans -> Sperm banks.

However, it is important to note that Saya does not hate humans. Because of Saya's hideous outward appearance, she has very limited interactions with the human population because normal humans who saw her were scared out of their wits.

However, the only two human relationships she's ever truly had both left positive impressions on her. The first person to befriend her was the late Doctor Ougai, her "father" and resident mad scientist. Because Ougai was a crazy scientist, he was cool with seeing a freakish tentacle monster. Weirdo.

The second human was Fuminori Sakisaka who eventually becomes the love of her life  because his messed up head condition that came as the side-effect of the surgery that saved his life made his whole normal world look like a nightmarish hell and disgusting monsters like Saya look beautiful.

Because Saya has never been openly discriminated against and because she has positive impressions of certain humans, she does not harbor any feelings of bitterness or resentment towards humans. This is good. This means she is still impressionable to human beings if she is given the opportunity to have a relationship with one.

That means, in the right situation, Saya is capable of considering:

Humans -> Friends.
Humans -> Family. (Ex: Professor Ougai, Fuminori, even Yoh to a certain sense...)
Humans -> Teachers. (Ex: Professor Ougai.)
Humans -> MATE. (Ex: Fuminori. Or any man who loves her.)

So why does she eat humans, you ask? Why does she toy around with them and use them as lab rats?

It's kinda the same reason why kids set ant on fire with a magnifying glass. They don't hold a personal resentment against the ants; they simply see them inferior and therefore exploitable. Had ants suddenly gained the same ability of human speech and intelligence, I'm sure that the kid will stop trying to kill him ... y'know, once he gets over the shock of seeing a talking ant and whatnot.

The analogy would make more sense if kids saw ants as a plausible food source too IDK leave me alone.

Saya has the mentality of a child, which is essentially what she is, tentacle monster or not. Saya is sweet and playful and mischievous. She likes to scare people by popping out of nowhere, likes to freak them out, likes to mess with their brains in both the physical and literal sense. She likes trolling around as we learn when Saya admits to Fuminori that she was the one scaring patients in the hospital for the sheer lulz of it. She likes preying on humans and likes breaking people. Perfect example would be when Saya screws with an elderly neighbor's head so that his world now looks like this hell. Seeing blood, guts, and organs everywhere he turns, the neighbor is driven crazy (much like Fuminori) and kills his wife and child while Saya watches on, thrilled that her experiment worked, before appearing before him like everything is totally normal. (It's not.) She sees it to be a game. A fun experiment. What? Loving husband just slaughtered whole family? How's that important now...?

Speaking of games... in order to make Fuminori happy, she messes with his friends because she's a manipulative little lolicon that's why. First she kills and eats Oumi and then uses Oumi's cell phone to call Yoh in order to lure her into the house... where Saya assaults, tentacle!rapes, and mind/body fucks her up to be used as a sex slave with Fuminori. Why a sex slave? Because Saya is jealous of Yoh. Yoh was a childhood friend of her Fuminori who always had a crush on him. However, Saya is cool with having Yoh be Fuminori's sex slave because sex =/= love. ... I told you Saya has a strange idea of 'jealousy". Though she's pretty emotionally advanced if you think about it.

Saya also kinda has a high libido and can kinda be a vixen at times. Makes sense, seeing as reproduction is basically what she's programed for. Luckily, the horny is usually preceded by love. This means that Saya won't be wandering around randomly seducing any guy coming in her direction. Although If Saya happens to find another man she loves, she's going to be rather attached to him. She has an intense desire to be loved and hate being lonely. She's kinda a yandere. Kinda. She has a strange idea of 'jealousy' at times.

Like all children, Saya is a curious, curious little fella with an insatiable hunger for knowledge. Ougai taught her math, science, genetics, biology, literature and all other sorts of things. She takes in this vast amount of knowledge in order to learn how to decode the human genome so that she may repopulate the earth. Here's where it gets ironic.

You see, Saya's 'mission' is to take over mankind through reproduction as we understand it through Ougai's journal. Saya comes from another planet as a monster that's supposed to mate with earth's highest life form (i.e. humans), rewrite their genes and reproduce, thereby forcing all humans beings to genetically evolve into monsters just like herself when they inhale her dandelion spores. In other words, her goal is to have all life on earth eventually transform into hideous flesh blob monsters.

Now that's all good and dandy right? Problem! Having read a load of human literature, Saya comes to the (misguided) conclusion that human reproduction can not happen without love as a prerequisite. By having Ougai feed her romantic books, Saya unknowingly canceled out her own ability to reproduce for the time being. She 100% believes the only way for her to have babies is to love someone else first. As such:

"My species were supposed to take over humankind. For the longest of times, my race watched humans for an opportunity to prey upon them, in a way, and continue their life cycles in this dimension. I soon learned that humans have strange instincts, namely their own cycle of reproduction including romantic feelings. That’s why my adaptation to human life came so slowly – it was my failure to understand this instance of “instinct over logic” when normally it is the other way around with humans. As I tried to understand romantic love as the propagation method of mankind, I began to subconsciously weaken my own reproduction ability… I grew depressed, and realized I was incapable of loving someone, unable to relate to humans and properly understand how they themselves functioned in this way."

Not that Saya sees reproduction as a 'mission' given to her by higher ups. In fact, the whole 'mission' thing is more like... a third-person's perspective of what the meaning of her life is. What Saya wants is happiness. Saya wants LOVE.

Abilities: Saya is one of those lovable yet really annoying non-human lolis with massive supernatural powers who never look their age and can make bloody homicide and cannibalism seem cute.

Here's a list of her abilities... 
  • Her 'real' AKA monster body is slimy, sprouts tentacles, and reeks a positively sickening stench, like piles of fish guts left to rot. She makes a wet, squishy sound when slithering on the ground and leaves a trail of slime in her wake. Her speech is distorted and come out as gurgles and screeches with strange inflections. (Imagine the static on a radio combined with the white noise of the TV.) It's understandable, but harsh on the ears. By canon standards, the sight of Saya can typically alone make a human go insane.
  • She will smell disgusting, be slimy, and leave a greenish goo in her wake. She will also have lots of tentacles. Yes.
  • Her tentacles are multifunctional. She can use them to drill, whip, pierce, strangle, catch prey, fuck up your head, perform lobotomy, give you a back massage, etc.
  • Immunity to blades and small firearms because of her strange body that is made of an "extremely tough substance that expands and contracts not in one direction, but in all directions". Blunt force and any non-magically infused blades are futile. However, Saya is susceptible to larger explosive projectiles, RPGs, tanks, nukes, the works, etc. The minimum? Well, Kouji was able to semi-harm Yoh with a gun and Ryouko was able to land a finishing blow on Saya with a shotgun that had its barrel sawed off. She may or may not be injured from a molotov cocktail. Saya is weak to chemical reactions. Liquid nitrogen will totally nail her good, as demonstrated by Dr. Ryouko. COLD IS GENERAL = DEATH for Saya.
  • Umbrella catchall regeneration abilities. Her cells are always moving which means she's capable of growing back limbs and healing wounds and stuff.
  • Saya produces acid that can melt anything from glass to wood to iron. This acid is different from the goo she naturally secretes in her monster form.
  • Her body can apparently melt into a gooey green puddle. I said she trolled around a lot, you know! And in order to scare people, one must have ninja-like disappearing skills.
  • The uncanny capability of altering the insides of a human's brain via tentacles through orifices. She messes up their neurons, rewiring electrical and chemical signals with all the precision of a messy, messy surgeon. Unlike a surgeon, Saya doesn't take precautions to preserve the safety of her 'patient'. In the canon, she basically rewires Yoh's entire brain while blowing up her nervous system in the process, rendering Yoh unable to produce speech and her motor skills all but naught.
  • Uncanny ability of altering the physical body of a human being. Example: Yoh in her monster form who used to look like so pretty and normal.
  • Her spores are capable of rewriting the human genome. 'nuff said.
Saya will lose all her supernatural abilities with the exception of her enormous ability to learn, and all her vast ocean knowledge concerning neuroscience, genetics, and biology.

Another note is that all of her CRAZY applies only to life on earth, seeing as that's really the only type of life she's encountered. Not demons, not robots, or whatever else. If a character's anatomy and physiology does not resemble that of something found on our real plant earth (i.e. homo sapien) then Saya is out of luck. That is, until she learns about the inner workings of their body and mind. And she learns damn quickly, believe you me.


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